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How our bookkeeping service works

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Upload your receipts, invoices and financial documents through our digital tools, and receive monthly reports inclusive of P&L statement, balance sheet and management reports!

Why LedgerBrains?

We help you consolidate multiple accounting tools into a single digital platform.
Powered by professionals, businesses like yours can save precious time and money.

Before LedgerBrains™

Microsoft Excel and receipts are time consuming for everyone. They can cost you RM500 – RM1000 in time costs alone.

Working with software/accounting tools can also cost you money, especially when integrated with other services. On average merchants pay RM400 – RM2000 per month.

Working together with in-house and outsourced accountants can be costly. Business owners spend RM3000 – RM10,000 to employ qualified professionals for the job.

After LedgerBrains™

No more Excel, no more accounting tools, and no more unqualified staff, ever


All-in-one platform


Monthly tax-ready financials report


Timely cashflow tracking


Professional accounting resources without the cost of a in-house team


World class support and solutions to cater to your digital accounting needs

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Join hundreds of small business owners who trust LedgerBrains™ with their books

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